The Well Coffee Lounge


The Well Coffee Lounge

We Bid You FareWELL…​

Final Day Open: July 10th 2021​

     Thirteen years ago, we embarked on a Journey only God could have paved before us. It’s been a thoroughfare filled with a few speed bumps and pot holes; but mostly, it’s been a road laden with memories of laughter, song, stories, spirits and friendships to last our lifetime.
Our mission was simple…to offer our fellow Royse Citizens a place to hang, to caffeinate, to meet, to fellowship, to laugh, to celebrate, to wine, to cry, to pray, to just “be,” — all while building a business we could nurture along with our four children through their formative years.
Life’s most difficult decisions are often built around endings. And the decision to end this chapter of our lives has been a decision, quite frankly, we question daily. But, as we’ve achieved the great title of “Empty Nesters,” it’s time to allow the road before us to take a turn toward new journey’s. We know God will continue to show Himself along the way and provide wonderful new adventures.
     For us, The Well has been so much more than just a business you show up to every day – it’s been our baby that’s grown and blossomed right along with our kids; but, please know, you have been our greatest blessing! We still love coming to The Well every day and serving you – our friends and community family. We will miss you and feeling a small part of your family and your daily routine or weekly lunch break. Our prayer is for our paths to continue to cross around town.
Until Then…Stay Caffeinated, Be Blessed & Stay WELL!
PSA: We are so excited to announce that Main Street Emporium will be offering many of the coffee and tea options you’ve come to love from The Well. We wish Brian, Michael and Vivian only the BEST as they become our Royse City Coffee Shop of choice!

The Family behind the Sandwich

Each sandwhich at The Well was inspired and named after a member of Kari and Jen’s family.

  • Zach’s Wellnini – Kari’s youngest son
  • Jaxon Binder – Jen’s youngest son
  • Nic’s Oinker – Jen’s Husband
  • Nate’s Wellnini – Kari’s oldest son
  • The Rueben – Nic’s Brother
  • Ricky Bo – Kari’s Husband
  • Noes Wellnini – Jen’s oldest daughter
  • Grandma’s Chicken Salad – Kari/Jen’s Mother
  • Grandpa’s BLT – Kari/Jen’s Father